Dumonde Tech Original Chain Lube - 2 oz

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Our shop favorite!

Apply sparingly and wipe off excess so that the outer surface appears dry. Do not reapply until you begin to hear your chain; sound, not appearance, is the best indicator of the need for reapplication.

Dumonde Tech Original chain lube is a liquid plastic and through polymerization forms long-lasting plating on all chain surfaces.

  • “Riding in” forms an extremely low-friction plating.
  • Plating bonds to chain; can’t be washed off!
  • Components stay cleaner, last longer, run quieter.
  • Extremely durable, outlasts all other chain lubes!
  • Environmentally sensitive and saves money.
  • To be applied sparingly unlike many other other lubes.

Dumonde Tech Original chain lube is more concentrated for exceptional durability under the most challenging conditions.